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Can I claim through my business for using my own car?


You’re using your own vehicle for your business, but what can you claim? It is common to use your own vehicle for your business, or for your employment, but do you know what you can claim and how to claim? Let’s go through some common questions: Can I put fuel and running costs for my own […]

How we gave our client her Fridays back!

We passionately believe that automating your processes by using online apps will save you time, but sometimes we talk to business owners who aren’t convinced to start with. We’ve been talking to a lovely and very hard-working client about moving to Xero for a few years (let’s call her Summer) but it never seemed to […]

I’m going to do my own bookkeeping


You’ve set up your own business, and you’ve decided you’re going to do your own bookkeeping to keep costs down, and keep a handle on your numbers. How hard can it be right? Well for starters did you set up your business to be a bookkeeper? Actually if you did set up as a bookkeeper, […]

Get Paid Quicker with GoCardless Instant BankPay and Xero

It can be really painful waiting for your customers to pay you via bank transfer, but GoCardless and Xero have announced an easier and quicker way using Instant BankPay!   At Xerocon 2022, Xero shared worrying statistics that UK small businesses are in negative cashflow for around 4 months each year. So it’s our duty […]

We’re finalists for the 2022 Xero Awards!

We are finalists for 2 Xero Awards for 2022! Small Firm of the Year, and Total Xero Award. If you know us at Kinder Pocock, you know that we love Xero and think it’s the best online accounting software to help your small business to grow. We weren’t going to enter this year, because it’s […]