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How do I take cash out of my limited company?

You’ve got your new company up and running and you’ve started trading, but how do you take cash out of your limited company?   The golden rule to remember is that the company is not yours, it’s a separate legal entity to you, and you are effectively an employee, as a director. Equally if you’re […]

Can I claim through my business for using my own car?


You’re using your own vehicle for your business, but what can you claim? It is common to use your own vehicle for your business, or for your employment, but do you know what you can claim and how to claim? Let’s go through some common questions: Can I put fuel and running costs for my own […]

Should I buy an electric car through my business?

If you’ve seen our earlier blog on buying cars through your business, our answer is usually NO you shouldn’t buy a car through your business! However, new rules for electric cars came into force in April 2020, making buying an electric car through your business far more attractive! So to understand the current rules around […]