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How to Get Paid

How to get paid

Getting paid is becoming a bigger issue than ever before, and it’s vital that you stay in control of the process. I’ve written this blog post specifically for members of Herefordshire Means Business, and attendees of their Signature Breakfast on Wednesday 26 April 2023, where I went through this at lightening speed! Scroll to the […]

My customer hasn’t paid me, what do I do?

customer hasn't paid

You’re in a position where your customer hasn’t paid you, and this is becoming a big problem for you. So what do you do?   It’s important to handle the situation calmly and professionally, as you don’t know what your customer’s position. 1. First things first – talk to your customer Try to speak to […]

I’m worried about my business, I don’t know if I can keep going

keep going

We are facing a lot of uncertainty at the moment, not only interest rates going up, but talk of a double-dip recession. A lot of business owners are worried about their business, and questioning whether they should just throw in the towel.   Let’s see what we can do right now, to ease the worry […]

Plan for your future and boost your bank balance

boost bank balance

The last few years have been a challenge for many business owners, and the current cost of living crisis and the Government’s u-turns on tax cuts are leading to uncertainty and worry. At times like this it feels difficult to plan for your future.   It’s easy at difficult times like this to forget why […]

Get Paid Quicker with GoCardless Instant BankPay and Xero

It can be really painful waiting for your customers to pay you via bank transfer, but GoCardless and Xero have announced an easier and quicker way using Instant BankPay!   At Xerocon 2022, Xero shared worrying statistics that UK small businesses are in negative cashflow for around 4 months each year. So it’s our duty […]

You mean I can pay you in 3 instalments?

These are the very words our client said to me, after their automated payment had failed. We were able to arrange payment in 3 instalments, and your customers can also pay you in 3 instalments, provided by IWOCAPay. More and more business owners are coming to us saying they’re struggling to get their customers to […]

Help your business bounce back with grants

Even though most COVID grants have now ended, there are still opportunities to receive funding to help your business bounce back. In this blog we’ll cover the Omicron Hospitality Grant, and Business Growth Grants 1. Omicron Hospitality Grants The grant is for businesses in the hospitality, retail and leisure sector. The business must have more […]