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Can I claim through my business for using my own car?


You’re using your own vehicle for your business, but what can you claim? It is common to use your own vehicle for your business, or for your employment, but do you know what you can claim and how to claim? Let’s go through some common questions: Can I put fuel and running costs for my own […]

Get Paid Quicker with GoCardless Instant BankPay and Xero

It can be really painful waiting for your customers to pay you via bank transfer, but GoCardless and Xero have announced an easier and quicker way using Instant BankPay!   At Xerocon 2022, Xero shared worrying statistics that UK small businesses are in negative cashflow for around 4 months each year. So it’s our duty […]

App Advisory Plus: What’s it all about and why are we founding members?

Kinder Pocock are proud to be amongst the 20 founding members of new organisation App Advisory Plus. But, I hear you ask, why is it so important to get involved right at the outset, and what’s it all about anyway? But firstly, why do we need App Advisory at all? In our digital world, we […]

iZettle vs Square: which is best for you?

Taking card payments is a necessity for most businesses today, as your customers carry less cash, and expect to be able to pay by card for everything, particularly contactless payments. Businesses used to have only one option when considering taking card payments: top sign up for a costly merchant account with the local bank, and […]

Why should I use GoCardless and how does it work with Xero?

GoCardless is a fab app that integrates with Xero. It’s a very efficient way of taking control of your customers’ payments, and getting paid quicker. Have a look at our blog:  get cash in the bank quicker to see how you can do just that! Why use GoCardless? It’s an efficient way of getting paid […]

How can I explain GoCardless to my customers?

If you’re using GoCardless to collect payments for regular or one-off invoices you send to customers, it’s key to get your customers to agree to sign up to the Direct Debit mandate they receive. We know that there is sometimes resistance from customers, as they will assume that you are trying to collect a regular […]

10 things to think about when looking for an EPOS

So you know you need an EPOS, but which one to choose? If you’re still deciding on whether you need an EPOS, or don’t know what an EPOS is, head on over to our What is an EPOS blog. We’ve compiled our top 10 things to think about when looking for an EPOS, so that […]