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How we gave our client her Fridays back!

We passionately believe that automating your processes by using online apps will save you time, but sometimes we talk to business owners who aren’t convinced to start with. We’ve been talking to a lovely and very hard-working client about moving to Xero for a few years (let’s call her Summer) but it never seemed to […]

Navigating 2024: Insights for Small Business Success

Sharon recently met up with two business legends: Gary Turner: Co-Founder of Xero UK, and Brad Burton: The Uk’s #1Motivational Business Speaker. Together they spill the beans on key tips and priorities for your business to help steer your ship through 2024. No fluff, just practical insights from industry pros. TL;DR No time to read? […]

How we collaborate to empower small business owners

I was honoured to be invited onto the panel at the Herefordshire Means Business Conference on Wednesday 22 November 2023, with experts from Hoople, Herefordshire Council and Allpay. I was asked to share an example of how we work with other businesses in Herefordshire to achieve a common goal… Our Business Improvement Summit 27 September […]

We’re proud to be Platinum Partners for Herefordshire Means Business

HMBiz platinum partner

Having been involved with Herefordshire Means Business for the last few years, we’re so excited to strengthen our relationship with them as Platinum Partners, which enables us to support our wider Herefordshire Business Community even more closely! Herefordshire Means Business Expo I think we’ve exhibited at every Expo that the team have run, and Sharon […]

I want to grow my business but don’t know where to start

So you’re at the stage where your business is growing, or you want to grow your business, but you don’t know where to start.   It’s easy to just go with the flow sometimes, and the next time you look you’re not going in the direction you intended to.  You might be too busy and […]

Budget Announcements November 2022

Autumn budget 2022

The new Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt announced the latest budget on 17 November 2022. Mr Hunt introduced his statement with “British families make sacrifices every day to live within their means, and so too must their Government, because the United Kingdom will always pay its way” The day before the Budget announcement, the Office for Budget […]

I’m worried about my business, I don’t know if I can keep going

keep going

We are facing a lot of uncertainty at the moment, not only interest rates going up, but talk of a double-dip recession. A lot of business owners are worried about their business, and questioning whether they should just throw in the towel.   Let’s see what we can do right now, to ease the worry […]

Plan for your future and boost your bank balance

boost bank balance

The last few years have been a challenge for many business owners, and the current cost of living crisis and the Government’s u-turns on tax cuts are leading to uncertainty and worry. At times like this it feels difficult to plan for your future.   It’s easy at difficult times like this to forget why […]