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Should I buy a car through my limited company

Buying a car through your company will always create a personal tax charge for you and a national insurance charge for your company. This is because HMRC expect you to have private use of your car, so you are seen to be receiving a benefit in kind that any other employee would not be entitled […]

How much does an accountant cost?

You’re looking for your first accountant, or for a new accountant, but how do you work out how much an accountant costs?   You’ve spoken to accountants, and heard experiences from your friends, and quite frankly it’s confusing, and you’re afraid of big bills and nasty surprises. But it doesn’t have to be this way! […]

Why are my accountancy fees increasing?

accountancy fees

Your accountant or bookkeeper has contacted you to talk about increasing your accountancy fees, but why are they increasing?   It’s been a tough time for all businesses, and your accountant or bookkeeper is no different. There may be many reasons why your fees are increasing, but let’s look at the main culprits: Your business […]

Why do we need to do a Xero HealthCheck, and what does it involve?

So we’ve advised you that we need to run our Xero HealthCheck on your Xero data, but why on earth do we need to do a Xero HealthCheck, and what does it involve anyway?   We’re thrilled that you’ve chosen Kinder Accountants as your accountants and business advisors. We’re also thrilled that you’re already using […]

Online Apps Drive Award Winning Client Care

We are absolutely thrilled and humbled to have won the Herefordshire Business Award for Professional Services Business of the Year 2018, and we genuinely believe our online apps drive our award winning client care. This award takes pride of place next to our Accounting Excellence Client Service Firm of the Year 2017, and they both […]

Why we love Hereford Indie Food Businesses

There’s a definite buzz in the air as we look forward to the Hereford Indie Food Festival this weekend (27/28 August 2016). At Kinder Accountants we are super thrilled to be one of the sponsors of the Hereford Indie Food Festival!  A community driven project celebrating the independent food scene, chefs, producers and makers in Herefordshire. We […]