Thinking of buying a vehicle through your company?

There are many things to consider if you’re thinking about buying a vehicle through your company.

We have lots of resources, so thought it would be a grand idea to pull them all together, so you don’t have to go hunting for them all!

1. Should you buy a car through your limited company

It might make sense for your business to pay for your car, legitimate cost yes?

Not so straightforward I’m afraid. There can be many tax implications, as HMRC will usually assume that the car is available for your own private use.

Our blog goes into all the tax issues you need to think about.

2. Should I buy an electric car through my business?

Electric vehicles however, are a different kettle (electric naturally) of fish.

There are more tax benefits to buying an electric vehicle at the moment, as the Government are encouraging us to make choices to help our environment.

Our blog goes into the tax benefits, and also considers brand new vs second hand electric vehicles.

3. Should I buy or lease a vehicle?

So now you’ve decided on your vehicle, should you buy it outright, or lease it?

Lots to consider here. As your accountants, we’re always looking at the tax savings first, but we also need to consider whether you can afford the purchase.

Leasing or finance may help with your cashflow, but let’s look at all the pros and cons in our blog.

4. Can I claim through my business for using my own car?

So you’ve decided to buy your car personally, and not through the business.

You can still save tax here, by getting your business to pay for your business mileage.

Find out what you can claim, you’ll be surprised!

5. Recording mileage with Tripcatcher app

If you are claiming mileage, it can be a bit of a bore, and take longer than it needs to.

Tripcatcher is a great little app for recording your mileage on the go, and our blog goes into all the benefits.

I hope you find these blogs useful. If you still have questions, please get in touch as I’m sure we can answer them.

Better still, we could even turn them into new blogs!