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Can I use company funds to instal solar panels?

You’re working from home and feel that you’d be more energy efficient if you purchased solar panels for your home. This would also allow you to continue to work from home when power cuts occur. Can you use company funds to pay for installing solar panels? TL:DR No time to read? Our quick advice would […]

Can I claim Christmas gifts to customers as a business expense?

This is a timely question, which we’ve been asked about a lot recently. You want to buy Christmas gifts for your customers and suppliers, but can you claim the gifts as a business expense? If you’re wondering about gifts for employees, check out our blog on Trivial Benefits – which covers the rules around payments […]

What can I claim for working from home?

use of home

You’re working from home, and incurring expenses to do so, so what can you claim through your business? You have 2 options: 1. HMRC approved rates 2. Claiming a percentage of your household bills. So let’s look at each in turn. 1. HMRC approved rates The easiest way to claim for working from home is […]

Should my registered office be my home address?

You’re about to set up your limited company, and you’re being asked for your Registered Office address. You’ve either got a business location, or you’re working from home, but you may still be wondering if you should use your home address as your Registered Office. Firstly what is a Registered Office address? Your registered office […]

I’m thinking of converting my garage into an office

Garage to office

You’re thinking of giving up your rented office and converting your garage in to an office instead, so can you put the cost through my business?   Many business owners are looking at different options around working from home, and around 44% of UK workers are reportedly working from home, or hybrid working (source […]

Can my business pay for a garden office?

garden office

Many people are working from home, either fully remote, or a hybrid of office and home working. So we’re asked a lot whether your business can pay for the garden office. We’re also asked about converting your garage into a home office, so check out our blog on garage conversions here. You’ve found a beautiful […]

What is a confirmation statement?

Confirmation statement

A confirmation statement is a document that limited companies and limited liability partnerships (LLPs) in the United Kingdom must file annually with Companies House. Let’s find out more about it, and how it works. What do you have to include? The confirmation statement contains information about the company, including its registered office address names and […]

Implications of setting up a second company

You already have one limited company that you’re the director and shareholder for. But what are the implications of setting up a second company? There is a lot to think about, so let’s break it down into manageable chunks: Record Keeping Each company should have completely separate bank accounts, customers, suppliers and record keeping. If […]

How much does an accountant cost?

You’re looking for your first accountant, or for a new accountant, but how do you work out how much an accountant costs?   You’ve spoken to accountants, and heard experiences from your friends, and quite frankly it’s confusing, and you’re afraid of big bills and nasty surprises. But it doesn’t have to be this way! […]

what are my responsibilities as a company director

director's responsibilities

You have made the leap to set up your limited company! How exciting! The day you receive your incorporation certificate is a pivotal moment!   But what do you have to do now? What are you responsible for, and when? This isn’t something to be taken lightly, as you have legal responsibilities now as a director. […]