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I’m worried about my business, I don’t know if I can keep going

keep going

We are facing a lot of uncertainty at the moment, not only interest rates going up, but talk of a double-dip recession. A lot of business owners are worried about their business, and questioning whether they should just throw in the towel.   Let’s see what we can do right now, to ease the worry […]

Why isn’t my profit the same as my bank balance?

How many times have you looked at your profits, but can’t work out why you don’t have the cash in the bank to show for it? Why doesn’t your profit equal your cash? How frustrating is that?   Well, there are lots of reasons why your profit isn’t the same as the cash you have in […]

New Bounce Back Loans : What you need to know now

**BREAKING 17 December 2020** CBILS and Bounce Back Loan application deadline extended to 31 March 2021 1 June 2021 Pay As You Grow Options Check out our blog of 5 June explaining the new Pay As You Grow options for delayed repayments and extended repayment terms. Fantastic announcement today (27 April 2020) on the new […]

You say I don’t need to pay tax now, but which are automatically deferred, and which do I have to arrange?

The Government has announced a lot of support for Small Businesses, to help us through the current Pandemic. Some of the financial support announced includes deferring or arranging time to pay for your business and personal taxes. This is fantastic news, however, we are seeing some confusion around which taxes are automatically deferred, and which […]

SuperCharge Your Cashflow: How we helped small business owners improve their cashflow

If you’re not sleeping at night, or your health is affected because you have little spare cash in your business, we really care about this. From Xero’s research, we know that 49.5% of small businesses had negative cashflow in December 2019, so we decided to put on an event aimed at small businesses, to help […]

50% of UK businesses are worried about their cashflow? There is a better way

Supercharge Your Cashflow 2020 28% of UK business owners say managing cashflow is a huge challenge. We know it can be a struggle to balance everything, and sometimes you feel like you’re “robbing Peter to pay Paul”. Only 50% of UK businesses had a positive cashflow in September 2019. That means that half of UK […]

Why should I use GoCardless and how does it work with Xero?

GoCardless is a fab app that integrates with Xero. It’s a very efficient way of taking control of your customers’ payments, and getting paid quicker. Have a look at our blog:  get cash in the bank quicker to see how you can do just that! Why use GoCardless? It’s an efficient way of getting paid […]

How can I explain GoCardless to my customers?

If you’re using GoCardless to collect payments for regular or one-off invoices you send to customers, it’s key to get your customers to agree to sign up to the Direct Debit mandate they receive. We know that there is sometimes resistance from customers, as they will assume that you are trying to collect a regular […]