Online Apps Drive Award Winning Client Care

We are absolutely thrilled and humbled to have won the Herefordshire Business Award for Professional Services Business of the Year 2018, and we genuinely believe our online apps drive our award winning client care.

This award takes pride of place next to our Accounting Excellence Client Service Firm of the Year 2017, and they both mean so much as happy clients is what it’s all about!  And numbers, we like numbers.  You can find out more about these awards here. We’re also very proud of Sharon’s Xero MVP Award in 2016!

Online Apps Make for Award Winning Client Care

We moved to Xero in 2012, and this opened up a whole world of opportunities around working online. The next app we discovered after Xero was G Suite, and then Practice Ignition, Receipt Bank and GoCardless.

The rest snowballed from there, and we now use over 50 different apps to run our business, and to provide the best possible service to clients.

How does working online help with client care?

There are many ways that working online helps us look after you better, and provide extraordinary service:

Instant access

By using online apps that we can access (securely) any time, any where means that we can look after your needs wherever you are, or wherever we are.

If you’re stuck up a mountain and having trouble sending a Xero invoice out, we can log in,  see the same data and help you out.

If you want a quote for work you’d like us to do, we can produce a proposal via Practice Ignition on our phones, you can view and accept it on your phone.

You want us to complete a reference for a mortgage – we can log into Xero and prepare up to date figures (no wasting time with data backup and restoring!)

Time savings

Having instant access means that we haven’t got to make our way to the office to get anything done, or to your office for that matter. We can start work immediately, even in the floods or snow!

We make sure that the online apps we use are as integrated as much as possible, so that they talk to each other. This means huge time savings, and no double entering of data.

You snap a photo of a receipt in Receipt Bank – in less than 5 minutes it’s in Xero – BOOM!

Customer hasn’t paid your invoice – Chaser sends out automatic chasers when you’re busy  – YES!

We also make the most of automations, whether these are within the online apps we use, or we have built them ourselves. So things happen automagically in the background.

Our mantra:  If you’re doing it manually – automate it!

Giving it back

If we’ve found an amazing app or automation we will share it with you. If it saves us time and makes us smile, it is going to do the same for you!

Where we save time by automating our work, this is more time we can spend talking to you, and working on your business.

Ready to Automate?

Have a look at some of the amazing apps we work with, and get in touch if you’d like to be a client of ours, or if you’re ready to automate!

Thank you for reading!




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