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Can I treat my employees to a Christmas meal or party?

It’s that time of year when we have a flurry of questions around the cost of taking your team out for a social function or party. The big question is how much can you spend, and how much can you claim back through your business? In theory, payments to your employees could be treated as […]

What the Autumn 2023 Budget means to you

The Chancellor delivered his Autumn Statement for Growth aimed at building a stronger and more resilient economy. He highlighted that the plan is to “unlock growth and productivity by boosting business investment by £20 billion a year, getting more people into work, and cutting tax for 29 million workers”. But what does that mean to […]

Managing your payroll

You expect the highest standard when it comes to paying your employees, and we are always striving to improve what we do for you. To that end, Kinder Pocock and Your Payroll Manager UK are proud to announce their new working relationship, aiming to deliver an industry-leading payroll and accountancy service. By combining forces the two […]

September 2022 Mini Budget

Today the new Chancellor announced a Mini Budget 2022 to help with the cost of living crisis. Here are the main points that we know so far. As always, more detail will be published in the future, so we don’t have everything yet. This supercedes the Spring Budget announced in March 2022, and includes u-turns […]

Public Holiday declared for the Queen’s Funeral

Sandy Green of The HR Dept has kindly shared this update on the public holiday on 19 September, for The Queen’s Funeral, and your responsibilities as an employer.   We all want to do the right thing, but it is useful to have this guidance. Here are the official arrangements from the Royal family. Dear […]

How do I pay out tips to my staff ?


The rules around tipping and service charges in the hospitality industry can be somewhat daunting, when all you want to know is how to pay out tips to your staff. New legislation now makes it compulsory for employees to receive all tips, gratuities and services from customers, without the employers holding any back for themselves. But how […]

How do Tronc schemes work for collecting Tips?


You’ve heard that tips collected via a Tronc scheme incure PAYE but don’t incur national insurance, but how does a Tronc scheme work? Check out our previous blog on how to record and pay out tips to your employees. Today’s blog goes into more detail on how Tronc schemes work. The previous blog talks about […]

Changes to Employee Fit Notes

Changes to fit notes are coming in from 1 July 2022, just when you thought you had it all sorted out! But don’t worry, the HR Dept is here to keep you in the know about important HR and employment law topics that concern your SME business and people management processes. The most pressing of […]

Do I have to complete a P11D?


With the P11D filing deadline approaching on 6 July, you may be wondering if you need to complete one, and if so how. So first of all: What is a P11D? This is an annual return to submit to HMRC which includes taxable benefits in kind that you have provided to your employee during the […]

What’s the Employment Allowance?

employment allowance

We’re getting lots of questions about the Employment  Allowance, as HMRC are writing to employers to confirm their eligibility. But these letters are really confusing people as they talk about de minimus state aid, so it’s time to translate!   So what is the Employment Allowance? Small UK businesses are entitled to this amount which […]