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Can I claim Christmas gifts to customers as a business expense?

This is a timely question, which we’ve been asked about a lot recently. You want to buy Christmas gifts for your customers and suppliers, but can you claim the gifts as a business expense? If you’re wondering about gifts for employees, check out our blog on Trivial Benefits – which covers the rules around payments […]

September 2022 Mini Budget

Today the new Chancellor announced a Mini Budget 2022 to help with the cost of living crisis. Here are the main points that we know so far. As always, more detail will be published in the future, so we don’t have everything yet. This supercedes the Spring Budget announced in March 2022, and includes u-turns […]

The clock is ticking, so make sure you’re ready for the April 2022 increases

clock is ticking

April 2022 is fast approaching, and with that comes changes to VAT, NIC, and dividend taxes. We’ve also got electricity and wage increases to consider. The clock is ticking, so what do you need to do, to get ready for the April 2022 increases? The latest Budget announced quite a few unwelcome changes to tax […]

Reverse Charge VAT for Construction, do the new rules affect me?

What is it, and when does it take effect? It’s the “Domestic Reverse Charge VAT for Construction Services“, and it’s meant to stamp out missing VAT from the construction industry. It comes into force from 1 October 2019. So not the most fun blog to write, or read for that matter, but it’s important stuff, […]