Why you need an accountability buddy for your business

We believe that every business deserves an accountability buddy to guide them on the right path, and that is what we’re here for!

As a business owner, you deserve so much more from your accountants than just a set of accounts, a tax return, and a big tax bill.

And that’s where we step in. We are here to  get to know you, and to understand what drives you. We’ll also guide you to set goals for yourself and your business.

See us as your accountability buddy to support you on your journey to reach those goals and benefit from the improvements we help you to achieve!

We’re also a Top 10 Advisor for Enterprise Nation, and Top Advisor in the UK for Finance and Funding.

Right now it’s so important to focus on getting your business back on track, and making plans for the future.

So many business owners have had a difficult 18 months, and now, as we re-open it’s time to make a plan to get back on track.

This could mean getting back up to where you were pre-COVID, or it could be making changes to your business and diversifying.

Whatever decisions you make, you’re not alone. We’re here to guide you and support you at every step.

What clients love about our work with Clarity is how visual it all is.

We’ll take you through a Clarity Action Plan which shows you the 7 Key Numbers in your business, in a very clear and simple way that you won’t have experienced before.

We see clients visibly energise and light up as we talk with them about their business and what’s possible.

We’re not blinding you with all the numbers, only the ones that make the most impact.

Clients literally say how much they love the software while we’re taking them through the process!

Here’s what our client Emma Fox said about her recent Action Plan session:

“Thanks so much for today. I felt so empowered after our meeting. I’ve got so much done already”

So how does it work having a trusted business advisor and top 10 advisor?

We’re first of all going to take you through your Clarity Action Plan. This is where the magic happens:

1. Where are you now?

We’ll look at only the 7 Key Numbers in your business and tell you the story behind those numbers.

2. Where could you get to?

This is the exciting bit! Let’s work together to see which drivers we can make small improvements to.

Sometimes the smallest improvements in your business can have the biggest gains.

We’ll take you the 5 key drivers of your business to see what improvements you could make.

3. What’s the gap?

Now we dig into these 5 drivers, and see what’s achievable for you and your business.

What would happen if we looked at improving your sales by 5%? What about your profits? Could we make small improvements to those?

What we love about Clarity is how visual the software is, so while we’re working through these improvements, we’ll be able to see the impact on your profits and cash!

We recently improved a client’s cash position by £262k by agreeing improvements that could be made.

4. Let’s create a plan!

Now it’s time to take action!

What steps do you or we need to take to reach these profit and cash goals?

We agree these together for each area we’re looking to improve. It might be sales increases, it could be improving the core cash you need in the business.

The most powerful bit is that we’re holding you accountable to who is doing what, and by when!

5. Measure and monitor

OK so it’s great having a plan right, but hands up who has set goals in a moment of empowerment, and then not actually achieved these goals?

This is probably because you had no one to hold you accountable.

This is where we step in as your accountability buddy.

We’ll set a financial plan and cashflow forecast up with you, so that you can see month by month where you’re headed.

Then the fun bit is meeting you regularly to see how you’re doing against these goals, and holding you accountable.

We’ll be checking in with you in between our meetings too.

Ready to be held accountable?

We are ready to support you!

We can’t wait to start working with you!



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