Boring? No. Anti-social? No. Amazingly interesting, exciting and fun? YES! 

The first 4 weeks of my apprenticeship at Kinder Pocock have flown by and I have loved every second. This is my take on my first month working at an accountants.

Big Scary World…NOT

As only being 16, this is my first journey into the big scary world of working and so far…not so scary. Sharon, Jo and Kelly (a.k.a TeamKP) have been amazing. Not only teaching me soooo much stuff but making me laugh, comfortable and loving the working day.

All about Technology

Already, I have learnt so much about Xero, (amazing, simple accounting software) which Kinder Pocock uses. Within 5 days I obtained my Xero Certification. Along with learning lots about Receipt Bank. If your accountant isn’t using these, you’re missing out.

Behind the Scenes

Not only learning the obvious parts of accountancy but behind the scenes stuff as well. Every Tuesday, I have been  watching an hour long webinar presented by Karen at The Profitable Firm on “Content Marketing”…honestly, this has been so interesting and I have never thought about the behind the scenes of a business and marketing.

Ignore the myths

The stereotypes you hear off teachers and family growing up…myths. It is not just “number crunching”, middle aged men in suits, talking to no-one, isolated at a desk by yourself all day; it’s fun, exciting, interesting and AMAZING!


Appreciate you reading this, see you soon, Jay.



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