Xero’s New Navigation – WTF?

So if you were working in Xero today, or have just logged in you may well be thinking: WTF?

Xero’s New Navigation is here – don’t panic everything’s still there.  Let’s have a little look:


Why has it changed? I liked it the way it was!

We also liked it, but Xero have been adding sooo many new features, that users were reporting that things were becoming hard to find.  Xero’s answer was to listen, research and test, and do the right thing, which was an update.

In Xero’s words “At Xero, we believe a simple experience is a beautiful experience. That’s why we’re simplifying the navigation within Xero to make sure that everyone can get on with daily tasks easily and efficiently. “

But where is everything?

The best way to answer this is to click and play.  Everything is still there but it’s all been tidied up. For instance, under the Business tab, you can now easily access sales, quotes, purchases and purchase orders, instead of having to dig into the sales module to find your quotes.

Let’s look at the main tabs you’ll be using:

xero business tabBusiness Tab

Under here are the main features that you will need to run your business, these include:

Sales and Quotes

Bills to pay and Purchase Orders

Expense Claims

Products and Services (previously Inventory)

Accounting Tab

This is mainly for features your bookeeper or accountant will be using. If you’re a more advanced user you can find things here like reports, and in the Advanced Accounting (at the bottom of the dropdown list) you’ll find things like Financial Settings and Tracking Categories.

Payroll, Projects and Contacts

These still have their own tabs, so all is good.

Xero’s Blog on the New Navigation

This is a quick look at Xero’s new navigation – if you’re stuck just holler!!  If you’d like more in depth explanations, head over to Xero’s blog on the new navigation.

As always, thank you for reading!


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