What we’re doing for you right now

Furloughing. Self-isolating. Social distancing. Shielding.

We’ve got very familiar with a lot of new concepts recently. But what strikes me is how resilient and adaptable we actually are. In a matter of weeks, we’ve made the changes and we’re living by them.

These are not easy times, but they are temporary. We’ve all got a lot to adjust to, but take a step back and see how amazingly you are doing under the circumstances!!

Don’t ever forget you’re strong, resilient and you can do this.


You will have a wobble now and then, and that’s ok, we’re all winging it right now, and there are still a lot of unknowns.

But just know, there are people around you who’ve got your back.

Running a business through this has it’s own set of challenges, and this is where all of us at Kinder Pocock have YOUR back.

Keep talking, and keep leaning on us x

Have a look below at all of the things we’ve been doing for our small business owners since this craziness began:

Our core purpose right now is making sure you are getting all the support and guidance possible. So we’ve prioritised the following for you.

1. Stay Positive Resource page

This page links to all of our COVID19 blog resources, and we’re constantly updating everything for you.

3. Weekly Online Check-Ins

These are at 10am every Monday and the feedback we’ve had is that these are a lifeline and a comfort blanket. We’ll be updating you on Government support and guidance, giving our support, and answering your questions.

We also have different speakers to cover useful topics including marketing, mental health, and HR.

4. COVID19 Action Plan

Book a 30 minute zoom call with Sharon to run through an action plan for you. No charge at all for clients, our priority is to give you all the support and guidance you need right now. If you’re not a client, please book a zoom call here for your action plan call.

5. Regular Mailshots

Sign up to our mailing list, so you’re getting emails as soon as we have updates. Apologies if this is a bombardment, but we need to keep you up to date! We also won’t be offended if you unsubscribe when we’re through this. It is temporary.

6. Keeping in touch and providing free of charge support for our clients:

  • Regular calls from the KP team to see how you’re doing
  • 30 minute zoom calls with Sharon to build your tailored Action Plan
  • Worst case scenario 6 month cashflow forecasts
  • Keeping track of reliefs available and taxes deferred for each of you
  • Furlough calculations and claims
  • Self employed grant calculations
  • Business grant claims
  • Guidance on deferring VAT and self assessment
  • Advice on arranging time to pay for PAYE and Corporation tax
  • Assistance with CBILS loan applications
  • Guidance on how to manage your business through this time and planning for the future

What we’re not prioritising

As a small team, we’re doing our very best for you, but this means that certain aspects of our “normal” work have been pushed to one side, as we pool all our resources into getting you and us through this situation.

This means that some things are not being focussed on right now, but we will have plenty of time in the near future to catch up. Things we’re not prioritising include:

  • Annual accounts (unless you need them for a loan application)
  • Personal tax returns
  • Non urgent queries

What we are still getting done

As much as we’d like to push all the “normal” work to one side, there are still aspects of our work that are essential in keeping you up to date, with all your financial data, and keeping your workers paid. Without up to date data, we can’t help you to make the best business decisions right now.

So we’re still keeping up to date with the following:

  • Weekly bookkeeping
  • Weekly and monthly payrolls
  • Quarterly VAT returns
  • Regular management reports

We’re here for you

Stay strong. Stay positive. Stay safe.

Don’t forget, this is only temporary, we will get through to a brighter and better new normal. Focus on what you want this to look like.


Sharon x