Should my registered office be my home address?

You’re about to set up your limited company, and you’re being asked for your Registered Office address. You’ve either got a business location, or you’re working from home, but you may still be wondering if you should use your home address as your Registered Office.

Firstly what is a Registered Office address?

Your registered office address is the official address of your limited company in the UK. The address is recorded on the public record at Companies House, and provided to Government departments like the tax office, and local authority.

It’s where important documents and official letters and notices are sent.

It’s required by law, helps establish your business’s identity, and acts as a communication hub for official matters.

Does your Registered Office address need to be a physical address?

No it doesn’t need to be a physical address, but it does need to be somewhere that documents and official notices can be posted.

You should also be able to access post regularly that is sent to your Registered Office address.

What types of addresses can be used for Registered Office addresses?

Your business premises:

The best type of registered office address is a physical business address, where post can be received and opened regularly.

You don’ want to miss any important post.

A virtual maibox:

There are many organisations providing virtual mailboxes, and post services.

They provide a professional business address and postcode, and can also collect, scan and forward your post.

Your accountant’s address:

Your accountant is likely to act as the registered office for many of their clients.

We certainly do this for many clients.

The advantage of this is that with your permission we can intercept tax office and Companies House correspondence, and act on it on your behalf.

We also filter out any junk before scanning and sending post to you.

Your home address:

This keeps everything simple, and keeps post private from your business address.

But your home address will be on the public record.

Why we wouldn’t recommend using your home address for your Registered Office:

Your home address will be on the public record at Companies House.

This means that it will also be easy for people to find.

Your home address may not give a professional aspect to your newly formed company.

You don’t want your home address to be spammed.

It’s unlikely that you’ll want people (customers, suppliers or sales people) to turn up there unnannounced.

Our Registered Office Address Service:

We hold the registered office address for many of our clients. Our fees start from as little as £25pm plus VAT, and can include:

  • Receiving your post
  • Intercepting and acting on any HMRC or Companies House mail
  • Filtering out any junk or spam
  • Scanning and forwarding mail to you be email.

What next?

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