Receipt Bank Updates for their iOS App


We love working with online solutions like Receipt Bank, who are constantly updating their offering.

This month sees a great update that iOS users have been waiting for since it became a feature in Receipt Bank’s Android app.

Multiple Modes now in Receipt Bank’s iOS App

It’s now possible to select from 3 difference upload modes in both iOS and Android!

1. Single Mode:

As before – just take a photo and hit submit – we’ll do the rest.

2. Multimode:

Fab if you have a stack of receipts or invoices to upload.  You can now quickly upload up to 50 single page receipts or invoices.  YES 50!! #notatypo

3.  Combine mode:

Very useful if you have invoices on 2 or more pages, or receipts/invoices with more info on the back page (worst offenders are Sainsburys and B&Q).

Camera-Help-rev03Here’s Receipt Bank’s very handy image on how to turn the flash on/off and add/remove the grid from your screen


LOVE working with these guys.

If you’d like some help in using these features, have a look on Receipt Bank’s blog for multimode in iOS and multimode in Android.




**Update 20 July 2017**

Receipt Bank have just announced they’ve raised $50m in funding from Venture Partners.  This is fantastic news and we can’t wait to see the new product developments that come from this!  Read more on Receipt Bank’s blog.


If you’d like some assistance from us, or want to find out why on earth you’re not using Receipt Bank, please get in touch!

Thank you for reading 🙂