Navigating 2024: Insights for Small Business Success

Sharon recently met up with two business legends: Gary Turner: Co-Founder of Xero UK, and Brad Burton: The Uk’s #1Motivational Business Speaker.

Together they spill the beans on key tips and priorities for your business to help steer your ship through 2024. No fluff, just practical insights from industry pros.


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Down-to-Earth Tips for 2024

We’ve been through a tough few years, it’s been a slog for many business owners.

Sharon starts by asking Gary Turner for his top tips on businesses making a plan for 2024. Gary provides some golden advice. He’s all about keeping it simple: pick one priority and build everything around it. Turner sees that we’re turning a corner now and urges businesses to make bold decisions for the coming year.

The problem is that having multiple priorities is often a problem. There should be a priority, and there should be a number of initiatives or things that you’re going to do that support that.

Gary Turner

Mindset Magic

Brad Burton chips in, emphasizing that success begins in your head. He shares his journey, stressing the need to get your mindset right before tackling business hurdles. He’s built up a successful multi-million pound business, but he’s the first to admit his life wasn’t great, and nor was his mindset.

I think that fundamentally, people try to fix the business and to fix their life without fixing their mindset.

Brad Burton

Adapting to Change

Change is the name of the game. Turner and crew emphasize that change is inevitable, and you’ve got to face it head-on. The trio all agreed that there’s no such thing as the perfect business, the perfect business plan, the perfect business owner. They’re big on running toward problems, not away from them – the key to long-term success.

The strongest steels are forged in the hottest fires.

Gary Turner

Business Realities

Sharon Baker adds her perspective, emphasizing the need to tackle personal and professional issues head-on. No sugar-coating here – find that balance, and you’re on the right track.

We talk about eating a frog. First thing in the morning, do the difficult thing first, and boy, does it make you feel better.

Sharon Baker

Stick with It

The chat wraps up with Sharon Baker sharing her secret sauce for 19 years of success: stick with it, stay focused, have an awesome team, and genuinely love what you do. Tough? Sure. Game-changing? Absolutely.

Xero’s Impact

The trio takes a trip down memory lane, crediting Xero for making accounting cool and transforming the game for small businesses. Sharon remembers meeting Gary at the first UK Xerocon in 2012, and credits him with changing her life and that of her clients, inspiring her to completely change her business model, and move 100% to Xero. Brad is an old friend of Gary’s and remembers Gary inviting him to keynote at Xerocon 2019 (also a life changing moment for Sharon!)

Final Thoughts

As the chat concludes, Sharon Baker extends a genuine offer for businesses to reach out if they need help. They sign off with gratitude for the insights and a shout-out to Kelly for capturing it all.

In a Nutshell: This chat is your golden ticket to steering your small business in 2024 like a pro. From setting clear priorities to embracing change and keeping a resilient mindset, these legends spill the beans on what it takes to rock the small business world. Ready to soak up the wisdom? Let’s go!

Now watch for yourself

Thank you to Kelly for recording this chat between Sharon, Gary and Brad!

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