SME Recovery Grant live for the Marches Region

Applications open 9am Wednesday 14 October 2020 for the Marches LEP SME Recovery Grant, for Herefordshire, Shropshire, or Telford and Wrekin

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  • Grants are awarded on a first come, first service basis
  • Grants are limited to help the following number of businesses, so get ready now!
  • Grants will be awarded between £1,000 and £3,000 for the full cost of your project
  • Grant will cover the cost of specialist advice, small equipment and technology
  • Grants are expected to be limited to the following number of businesses:
  • grants available




Who can apply?

Your business must be:

    • Located in Herefordshire, Shropshire, or Telford and Wrekin
    • Trading 12 months or more
    • Reliant on visitors (if you’re in tourism)
    • Adversely effected by COVID19 (and able to demonstrate it)
    • An employer of less than 10 employees

What do you need to apply?

Detailed info

    1. 300 words: brief background of your business and how it’s been affected by COVID19
    2. 300 words: how the grant will support your business
    3. Provide details on any new products/services the grant will help you develop

Business info

    1. Business address
    2. Date trading started
    3. Company registration number or unique tax reference
    4. VAT number (if you’re registered)
    5. Principal activity of business (or SIC code)

Financial info

    1. Business bank account name, sort code, account number
    2. Bank statement dated 1 April 2019 to 23 March 2020
    3. Bank statement dated 1 April 2020 to 30 September 2020
    4. Turnover last financial year
    5. Estimated turnover this financial year
    6. If in tourism – what % of your turnover relies on visitors

Employee info

    1. Number of employees and full time equivalents
    2. Number of jobs that will be safeguarded

Grant info

    1. Two recent quotes for what you want the grant to cover (must be from VAT registered suppliers)
    2. Details on state aid funding you’ve received in the last 3 years
    3. Details of other COVID19 funding you’ve received


    • The Marches LEP has put together a list of useful FAQs.

What will you use the SME Recovery Grant for?

  • Areas we can support you in:

    • Review of your business, and create a solid business recovery plan
    • Create clear goals and actions for the future
    • Build a budget and cashflow forecast for next 1 to 3 years
    • Coaching and mentoring in leadership and management development
    • Rebuilding a viable business model
    • Introduction of new technology (think of apps to manage and monitor your cash, and streamline your processes)
  • Areas we can give general guidance on, and recommend specialists:

    • Developing or revising marketing/digital strategies
    • Skills analysis and development
    • Employee engagement, welfare and wellbeing

How can Kinder Pocock help?

We’ve been supporting our small business owners throughout the COVID19 pandemic, providing up to date guidance, action plans, cashflow forecasts, and most importantly being an ear to listen to and help with your worries, ideas, and direction.

We have hands on experience to support you with your recovery plans, and give you back confidence, clarity and focus.

What you can do now:

  1. Check our our COVID 19 Survive and Thrive Recovery Plan, which should be covered by the SME recovery grant!
  2. Also keep an eye on our COVID19 Support page for loads of useful info and guidance.
  3. For an initial 30 minute business action plan, choose a date:

We are here to support you.