Kick Start Scheme: what’s it all about?

Another new initiative from the Government to help people get back to work following the COVID pandemic. And finally we have more info!

What is the Kick Start Scheme?

  • It will provide funding for employers to create new 6 month placements
  • It’s to provide placements for young people aged 16 to 24, who are currently on Universal Credit, and at risk of long-term unemployment
  • First jobs should be available from November 2020
  • The placements should support young people to develop the skills and experience they’ll need to find work after they complete the scheme.

What does the funding cover?

  • The funding will cover 100% of the young person’s national minimum wage
  • For a minimum of 25 hours per week, for 6 months
  • Plus employers’ national insurance and workplace pension contributions
  • In addition £1,500 is available per job for set up costs, support and training.
  • Find out how to apply here.

What doesn’t the funding cover?

  • It doesn’t cover existing or planned vacancies
  • It must not cause existing employees or contractors to lose or reduce their employment

What’s the downside?

  • Funding is only available once your application is successful, so be careful about the timing of taking people on
  • You will have to apply for the funding, and include how you will support young people with training, looking for long-term work etc
  • Applications can be for just one placement (when the Kickstart scheme first came out you had to have a minimum of 30 placements!)
  • Yes, you did read that correctly, very unhelpful!
  • However, you can partner with other organisations to reach the minimum number

How do we partner with other employers?

  • You would only need to do this to reach the minimum of 30 job placements, which is no longer necessary.
  • Speak to us, speak to your colleagues, and other networking groups
  • Register your interest with existing organisations, like trade bodies, local authorities, chambers of commerce.
  • For Herefordshire I’m thinking Marches LEP, Herefordshire BID, Marches Growth Hub
  • More info here on partnering with other employers
  • We are also very keen to help you connect with other employers. Let us know if this would be of interest.
  • You can also contact the West Midlands Kickstart Scheme employer contact here.

If this isn’t for you:

There is still more new help available from the Government.

Check out the SME Recover Grants, being launched Tuesday 15 September 2020.

These will support you with funding to access business planning, cash flow forecasting, and much more, that we can assist you with.

Also keep an eye on our COVID19 Support page, as we’re updating this all the time.