How we collaborate to empower small business owners

I was honoured to be invited onto the panel at the Herefordshire Means Business Conference on Wednesday 22 November 2023, with experts from Hoople, Herefordshire Council and Allpay.

I was asked to share an example of how we work with other businesses in Herefordshire to achieve a common goal…

Our Business Improvement Summit 27 September 2023

Well, the first thing that came to mind was our Business Improvement Summit at The Green Dragon Hotel with Xero, Satago, Hereford BID, Marches Growth Hub, Clarity® HQ and NatWest.

The most knowledgeable and experienced Aynsley Damery flew in from Spain to empower the 33 business owners in the room to realise their full potential.

During the day we encouraged everyone in the room to share why they originally set up their business, and what they wanted from their business now.

It’s important at this point to remember that your business should be working for YOU, not the other way round. If you’re working for your business, you basically just have a job.

So here’s the fun bit – we then worked through super easy ways for everyone to improve their revenue. Obviously its not all about revenue, we have to consider profits and cash as well, but the focus for our Summit was revenue.

By working together in groups of 6, our business owners committed on the day to revenue improvements between 28% and 333%!

Just think about that for a moment. What was your revenue for last month or last year? Now imagine what it would mean to you, your business, your family to increase that by even 28%?

I’ve since met one to one with 12 of these business owners, and between us we’ve identified profit and cash improvements over the next 12 months of over £1.6 million!

But what does that actually mean?

It’s not going to some big corporate for one.

It’s supporting local employees and their families.

It’s supporting other local businesses, and ultimately it’s going back into our local economy.

It means peace of mind for these business owners, a better night’s sleep, and some breathing space.

It means more quality of time with their families and loved ones.

It means confidence in the future.

It means you’re not on your own.

It means you’ve got a safe space to work ON your business, not IN it, while being held accountable to reach your goals 🌟

We’ve got this 🙏

Together we can create amazing things.

Herefordshire is a great place to grow your SmallBusiness!


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