Covid-19 Track and Trace Customer Information Collection

From 18 September 2020 businesses in the hospitality sector will be required by law to collect details and maintain records of staff, customers and visitors on their premises to support NHS Test and Trace.


This helps the government to identify people who may have been exposed to the virus, support the NHS and save lives.

Make sure you’re compliant

During your data collection efforts, it’s worth considering the principles of data protection law. 

Making sure the  information you collect is adequate, relevant and limited to what you need will mean your business is abiding by the laws. 

Key points are to ensure customer details aren’t used for anything else and that they’re kept secure, so you minimise the risk of accidentally losing them.

You can support the NHS by keeping hold of customer details, in a safe place, for 21 days.

When will you need to pass on customer details?

NHS Test and Trace will ask for these records only where they need to.

For example, If someone who has visited your establishment has later tested positive for the virus, then you’ll be asked to share this information with the NHS. 

How can you record your customer details?

We’ve created a Google Form for you to copy and use yourself.

You can either copy and tweak it to make it yours, or we’re happy to edit it for you (including adding your logo).

We see this being used on a digital device (tablet,phone, laptop) at each entrance, enabling visitors to enter and save their own details.

Obviously you’ll need to keep the device the online form is on safe and clean.

Details will then be recorded on a secure Google Sheet.

How do I use the Google Form?

  1. Copy the google form here.
  2. Save it somewhere sensible on your own Google Drive
  3. Or download it onto your computer.
  4. On the responses tab, you can create a google sheet to store your customer data.
  5. Save the google sheet in the same place as the form.
  6. Have a look at our video which shows you how to copy it and save the responses in a new sheet.
  7. Ask Sarah Eardley for help with copying and editing if you need to.

If you don’t have a Google account

  1. Simply copy and paste the questions into your own online form software.
  2. Or you can print out the form so that visitors can complete it by hand.
  3. If you are getting visitors to write on a paper form, consider having 2 pots of pens – a clean pen pot, and a dirty pen pot, so that pens are only used once.
  4. Also have a secure way for the paper forms to be stored.

Stay Safe, Keep in Touch.

We’re here to support you, please shout if we can assist in any way.

Also keep an eye on our main COVID19 Support page, which we’re always updating.