Our Client Packages: SupportMe | GuideMe | GrowMe

At Kinder Pocock we have 3 fantastic monthly fee packages which we tailor to suit your needs.

Our monthly packages reflect how we assist our amazing clients, and we review these regularly with you to make sure you’re getting the right support as your business evolves and grows. This means that our fees are affordable and flexible, and by adding everything into our monthly fee packages, this helps your cashflow too, so there are no nasty surprises, unless you ask for something extra.

Here are our 3 packages, and you can also add extras to each package. Check out our most common services and fees here.

Support Me

This package provides the basics and ensures that we keep you legal in all aspects of business and personal tax.  Our Support Me package starts at £150 per month plus VAT, and includes the following:

  • Annual Company Accounts
  • Company Tax Return
  • Companies House Confirmation Statement
  • Directors’ Personal Tax Return for 1
  • Monthly Payroll for 1
  • Discounted Xero and Dext Subscriptions
  • Quick Queries Services

Guide Me

This package will keep you legal, but also provide support to guide you, to that you can stay in control of your business and personal taxes.

Each quarter whilst we work on your VAT return, we run a mini Xero HealthCheck. We also provide you with a visual Dashboard which shows how your business is doing.

At the same time we let you know how much corporation tax to set aside towards your annual tax, and how much you can take in dividends, which is invaluable, and means you’re not guessing at your year end!

Our Guide Me package includes everything in our SupportMe package, and starts at £350 plus VAT per month, plus:

  • Business and Personal Tax Planning
  • Directors’ Personal Tax Return for 2
  • Monthly Payroll for up to 5
  • Quarterly VAT Returns
  • Quarterly Business Performance Dashboard
  • Quarterly Xero HealthCheck


Perfect for the growing business owner, who needs to keep their finger on the pulse, but you need us by your side every step of the way, to hold you accountable to drive your business forward, and make sure it’s going in the right direction to achieve your personal goals.

This is our premium GrowMe Package, and starts at £600 plus VAT per month . It includes everything in our GuideMe and SupportMe packages, plus:

  • Setting your goals and actions for the next 12 months
  • A safe space to talk/think, letting your ideas flow and a forum for leadership to talk to one another
  • Monthly Calls to see how you’re doing against your plan
  • Quarterly strategy sessions to check your numbers against the plan we set
  • Holding you accountable to reach your goals.
  • Monthly or quarterly management reporting
  • Budgets, cashflow and financial planning
  • Find out more about how crucial it is to have an accountability buddy to help you reach your goals!

We will work together to make sure you are on the right package for your needs.  You can also switch Packages at any time to suit your requirements and budget.

Thank you for reading!

If you have any questions on our new packages, or what each one includes, please get in touch.










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