How do I claim the Self Employment Grant?

Today is the first day (13 May 2020) you can claim your Self Employment Income Support Scheme Grant (SEISS). We’ll show you here how to go about it, as we can’t apply for you, but there are a few steps to go through first.

*Update: The SEISS has been extended to 31 August 2020.

Check out our 29 May 2020 blog on the changes to furlough and self-employment grant

Before you can claim

You must check your eligibility which you can do here.


You will need your:

  • Unique taxpayer reference (UTR) this is a 10 digit reference and you’ll find it on your tax return
  • National insurance number (NIN)

The HMRC eligibility checker will tell you if you’re eligible.

If you’re eligible

  • You’ll be given a time and date between 13 and 18 May when you can make your claim
  • Make sure you have a government gateway account
  • Follow the steps below when you’re ready to claim

If you’re not eligible

  • Follow the online instructions to make an appeal

How to make your claim

  1. Go to the HMRC page Claim a Grant through the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme
  2. Follow the instructions to enter your UTR and NINO
  3. Sign in to your government gateway account (you can also set up an account here)
  4. You’ll then be asked to confirm that you are eligible by reading a statement and clicking Accept and Continue
  5. Next enter your personal contact details
  6. HMRC will then calculate your grant for you!
    • If you’d like to check the figure with our calculations for you, ping us an email
  7. Next choose a business or personal bank account
    • This should be the account you use for your self-employment, because the grant is taxable
    • Enter your business name, bank sort code and account number
    • And your address linked to this bank account

You’ll then be asked to check all of your details and click Continue

Claim Submitted!

The next section will show that your claim has been submitted!

It will display the grant awarded and your claim reference.

Please keep a note of your claim reference

Please also read the next sections starting “what happens next”


You should receive the funds into your chosen bank account within 6 working days.

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