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What we’re doing for you right now

Furloughing. Self-isolating. Social distancing. Shielding. We’ve got very familiar with a lot of new concepts recently. But what strikes me is how resilient and adaptable we actually are. In a matter of weeks, we’ve made the changes and we’re living by them. These are not easy times, but they are temporary. We’ve all got a […]

COVID-19 Support for employees and the self-employed

So today’s announcements from the Government were so huge, they deserve their own page! Check out our main COVID-10 page for other updates. Let’s dive straight in:   Pubs, Restaurants, Gyms, Clubs will close tonight Anywhere where you gather socially will be closed. Don’t go out you are not invincible! Shops will stay open. You […]

We’re here for you, stay positive

*We now have a new COVID19 Resource page, please navigate to our new page!* covid-19-support/ Do also check out our other #COVID-19 resources:   27 April 2020      New 100% Government-backed Bounce Back loans 24 April 2020      Which taxes are deferred automatically, and which do I have to arrange? 20 April 2020    […]

7 signs your accountant may be making your life harder not easier

I’m taking to writing this blog after seeing the pain that some new clients have been put through by their former accountants, and to say actually that’s NOT OK. As your accountant we’re here to make your life simpler not harder. But what does that look like? And if you’ve only ever experienced the service […]