7 signs your accountant may be making your life harder not easier

I’m taking to writing this blog after seeing the pain that some new clients have been put through by their former accountants, and to say actually that’s NOT OK.

As your accountant we’re here to make your life simpler not harder. But what does that look like?

And if you’ve only ever experienced the service of your current accountant, how do you know whether you should be expecting more? Well, let me help with that.

The following 7 signs your accountant may be making your life harder not easier are mainly focused around businesses using Xero, but useful with any online accounting software.

1. You have to drive a distance to drop off your records

No, no, and no again. We have a new client who was making a monthly round trip of 74 miles every month to drop records off. Kerrazzy. That right there is about an hour of your life you’re never getting back.

But with our online world, and the amazing accounting tools out there, you shouldn’t be taking piles of paper to your accountant at all, wherever they are.

Instead, use Xero for your accounting software, and Receipt Bank to snap receipts, and forward emailed invoices to Receipt Bank. A digital copy of the receipt/invoice is then stored against the transaction in RB and Xero – a VAT inspector’s dream!

2. They don’t ask for access to your Xero account

This means a few different things, which we’ll cover in the next points. How can they be interested in how your business is doing if they don’t have access to real-time data? Here’s a blog we wrote on why we insist on you using Xero#SpoilerAlert: there are loads of benefits to you in it!

This also means they’ll be asking you for reports from Xero. Oh my they are making themselves a difficult job. Xero has so many cool features for accountants and bookkeepers that save us time, time that your accountant is NOT saving if they’re asking for printed reports.

This means they’re going to manually enter all the data into their own accounting software or spreadsheets. MORE PAIN!

3. They give you adjustments to enter into Xero when they’ve finished your accounts

Ummmm… first question: why aren’t they preparing your accounts in Xero? Oh yes, right, because they didn’t need access to it. The beauty of Xero is it’s Single Ledger which means that you and I are looking at the same data, all the time. So any adjustments we make in Xero you will see immediately, and vice versa.

We just lock the transactions up to the date we’re working on, so you can continue with your work.

4. Even worse than 3. they DON’T give you adjustments to enter into Xero when they’ve finished your accounts

So we’re assuming in this instance that they are putting your accounts together from reports they’ve asked you to print off. PAINFUL. This is wrong in itself, but if this is what they’re doing, then you have different data to them. Your Xero data now doesn’t agree to the final accounts that the tax office has.

This also means you don’t have accurate data in Xero if you are monitoring your business (which you are, cos you have Xero!)

I have so many whys to 3. and 4. Why aren’t they doing your accounts in Xero, and then why aren’t they giving you adjustments so you both have the same results? Is it unprofessional, is it lazy? Is it so that they’re the only ones who can pull together reports for you?

5. They charge you for manually entering data into Xero

So not only have you taken time out of your busy day to take your records to your accountant, you are now waiting for them to manually and painfully enter every single transaction into Xero, and PAYING FOR IT!

6. They tell you things can’t be corrected in Xero

One of the great time savers for accountants and bookkeepers using Xero is how easy it is for us to correct mistakes you might make. This helps when we’re training and supporting you, and also when we come to complete accounts, VAT returns etc on your behalf. So if your accountant says they can’t change things, this means they don’t know Xero’s time saving tools!

7. They don’t mention Xero or their Xero Certification on their website

They’re already costing you money if this is the case. As soon as we were Xero certified we wanted to shout it from the rooftops, as we knew we could pass on all the massive benefits of Xero to our wonderful clients.

If your accountant isn’t mentioning Xero, sorry, SHOUTING about it, they can’t have realised how beneficial a software solution it is for you!

That should give you enough to go on!

Do contact us if you’d like us to make your life easier, and check out our blog on how to choose the right accountant or bookkeeper from the Xero Partner Directory.


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